Lori Billey - CEO, Founding Partner

Lori Billey

CEO, Founding Partner

Lori is the boss.

She oversees the strategic direction of the company and cultivates the business principles that guide the agency’s success in Edmonton and Vancouver. That success, she believes, flourishes by fostering healthy relationships with her employees, her clients and her clients’ customers.

“It all begins with an open dialogue,” says Lori. “Candid conversation breaks down walls; brings crystal clarity; and builds genuine trust.”

Aside from her daily responsibilities of client relations, business development and agency culture, Lori has engrained herself in the business community as a respected entrepreneur. After founding RED 13 years ago, she now sits on the ICA Board of Governors and Board of Directors for WIN House Edmonton.

For close to 30 years her creativity and business acuity has influenced brands across the country including OK Tire, Shaw, Government of Alberta, Western Canada Lottery Corporation, EPCOR, Edmonton Airports Authority, NHL, WHL & CFL teams to mention but a few.